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High School

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Spring Exam Schedule

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION STREAMING, FRIDAY, MAY 24, at 7pm: follow the link and cllick the Watch Online Tab - https://www.letu.edu/spiritual-life/chapel.html

Graduation Information - Class of 2019

8th Grade Parent Night

AP Capstone Information:

Informational Video Part 1

Informational Video Part 2

AP Capstone Slide Presentation:


Student Guide (by Students)

Great CTE dual credit opportunity for juniors and seniors with East Texas Manufacturing Academy. See your counselor for more details.

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Informational Links

Anti-Bullying* Rules - Bully Report Form
AP Testing
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Campus Improvement Plan
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Code of Conduct
Course Descriptions - High School
Course Selections Guide - High School
Drug Test Policy
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Eighth-Grade Presentation
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Extra-Curricular / Co-Curricular Transportation Waiver
Graduation Plans
School Report Card

* Bullying is when someone repeatedly or on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself.” According to “David’s Law,” protected under the Texas Bullying Law, a single act of bullying with no repeated pattern may count as an act of bullying.

Check out our awesome CTE classes,
including Accounting 1 & 2, A/V Productions, BIM, Career Prep 1 & 2, Digital Media, Family & Consumer Sciences, Health Sciences, Metal Shop, Money Matters, Principles of Business, Robotics, UIL Math-Science, Wood Shop, and MORE.

Through Skyward, parents can be notified by e-mail of the following (High School only):

    • If the student's grade falls below a certain level
    • If the student is absent
    • Progress reports updated daily, weekly, or monthly

To access this, parents can go to Family Access, click on E-Mail Notification, and follow the prompts.

Spring Hill High School Statement:
It is the goal of Spring Hill High School to equip all students with the tools needed to not only be successful in life but make an impact on the global society. We do this through an increase of course offerings, creating rigorous instructional experiences, and making service opportunities available to our students. In order to accomplish this it is very important for our students to have strong relationships with their peers, teachers, community members, and families. At Spring Hill High School we believe in excellence. Excellence will produce excellence.


Rusty Robinett
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Melinda Tidwell
Assistant Principal
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Paige Childers
10th & 12th Counselor
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Allison Bowles
9th & 11th Counselor
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Charlotte Kincy
RTI Coordinator


Jeanie McLemore


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