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* Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself.


Lunch Reminders:
Please be mindful of the following reminders and procedures for students and parents at lunch:

  1. Students will sit with their class at their assigned table.
  2. Students will not be talking until all students in their lunch group have been served their food-Quiet talking may happen after that for the remainder of the lunch time.
  3. Students may walk to recess when they are finished eating.  Lunch Monitors will acknowledge that students are finished and able to leave when students raise their hands.
  4. There are special tables set up for parents/grandparents to eat with their child/grandchild.  At this table children may invite one friend from the lunch room to sit with them and their guest.  Guests and students may talk quietly during the no talking time, so as not to disrupt the expected procedures for the rest of the cafeteria.  Guests are not allowed to accompany students at recess. 
  5. According to guidelines set forth by the state in the FMNV (Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value) policy, guests can only bring outside food for their child.  Food or ice cream will not be allowed to be served to any other children except the personal child of the guest.  FMNV policy allows 3 “party” days per year where outside food can be brought for a group of students.  Teachers will coordinate these “party” days with parent volunteers.  For more information about this policy visit