High School
Career & Technology Education and Tech Prep

Tech Prep is a college-preparatory, advanced placement program that provides students with academic as well as applied technical skills. The high school program prepares students to continue in a college program that leads to a minimum of a two-year postsecondary degree (or apprenticeship license). Consequently, Tech Prep high school graduation plans are based on the Recommended High School Program (RHSP).

A Tech Prep student’s high school graduation plan includes a coherent sequence of two (2) or more career and technology courses for three (3) or more credits. At least one of these career and technology courses must be eligible for college credit through articulation (local or statewide), or dual credit by concurrent enrollment.

Tech Prep students are identified in grades 9-12 by the following:

    • The student has a 4-year Tech Prep high school graduation plan described above; and
    • The student has enrolled in, or completed, the first career and technology course in the plan.

Students are coded annually as Career and Technology Indicator Code (C/T) PEIMS code 3 based on their intent to continue to follow this graduation plan.


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