High School - Chromebook Cart Reservations (teachers only)

To reserve a cart at the High School (must be signed into school gmail account):
Click the appropriate reserve link below, and follow the instructions on the resulting page. (Unavailable time slots will appear as gaps in the reservation schedule.) For every slot you reserve, you will receive an invitation from the calendar by e-mail. If you wish to disable the annoying invitation e-mail, read the instructions at the bottom of this page.*

You may also reserve the 80-inch interactive monitor for use in downstairs classrooms. Upstairs teachers may plan to use it in the library or computer lab. (There is not an embedded calendar for this option.)
Reserve 80-inch Interactive Monitor.

Reserve Chromebook Cart #1 (30 Chromebooks)
Reserve Chromebook Cart #2 (30 Chromebooks)
Reserve Science Department Chromebook Cart #3 (30 Chromebooks)
Reserve Chromebook Cart #4 (30 Chromebooks)

Return to this page and refresh to see your Chromebook cart reservation on the embedded calendar below. (You will also be able to see who else has signed up for a lab on any specific time slot on the combined calendar.) Additionally, your reservation will appear on your personal Google Calendar.

To cancel a reservation:
Delete the appointment on your personal Google Calendar, and the reservation will be removed from the specific lab reservation sign-up calendar. However, please e-mail ljordan@shisd.net when you cancel a lab so that your reservation can be removed from the embedded calendar on this page.


*To disable invitation e-mail from the lab calendar:
Access your calendar widget as shown below. You must be signed into your school gmail account.

access to calendar

Click on the drop-down arrow by your calendar name, and choose "Reminders and notifications." Once there, you may remove all the check marks from the e-mail notification boxes.

disable reminders