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General Information - Emergency Plans

The Spring Hill Independent School District is pro-active in building a safe environment for all students. A district wide emergency response manual is in place and each district employee has a manual in their possession. The manual is updated each year at the campus level and appropriate training is received. Parents should be aware that each campus has features in their emergency plan that is unique to that campus.

The district Emergency Response Manual describes the proper procedures for district personnel in the following areas:

Emergency communication procedures
Child left at school
Child abuse
Child napping
Bomb threats
Fire, tornado, take cover plan
Evacuation plan
Unauthorized visitor
Gas leaks, chemical spills, explosions, flooding and power failure
Crisis outside the school day

The following information is district-wide and relates to all campuses:

Emergency Notification and School-Closing Information

In the event of a school emergency or an announcement of the school’s closing due to inclement weather information will be disseminated to the public through the following media outlets:
KYKX – 105.7 FM
KETK – Channel 56
KLTV – Channel 7

Evacuation Plan

If evacuation of the district to an off campus site became necessary students would be evacuated to the following pre-determined sites:

Primary School campus (pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade) – White Oak Primary School gym

Intermediate School campus (3rd, 4th and 5th grades) – White Oak Old Middle School gym located near the football field

Junior High School campus (6th, 7th and 8th grades) – White Oak New Middle School gym located next to the High School campus

High School campus (9th through 12th grades) – White Oak High School gym

Parents would be notified through the previously mentioned media outlets of the evacuation of the Spring Hill ISD campuses. Procedures would be put in place at White Oak ISD for the orderly pick-up of children by their parents.

The crisis plan is available for your review at each campus.