ARTrageous is committed to making the Arts an integral part of our young people's lives through education. By securing funds through our greater Longview community, the Arts will be promoted as a foundation for life-long learning.

If you would like to help ARTrageous sponsor any of these programs or future Arts-in-education events, please contact Meredith Smeltzer at or 903-323-7720.

It is with your help that ARTrageous can continue to offer our children ways to find connections with the world and each other as well as expand their horizons through the many facets of the Arts.

Our organization also works with the Longview Museum of Fine Arts, the Longview Symphony, the Longview Opera and Artsview to benefit our children and our community.

ARTrageous is currently accepting suggestions from faculty members regarding programs they would like us to try and bring to Spring Hill in the upcoming year. Booking for most programs and events must be done months in advance due to scheduling, financing and board approval procedures.

To request an event, please fill out the ARTrageous Event Request Form
and return it to or to Meredith Smeltzer at the Administration Office.